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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Internet - a boon or a bane?

In Favor:-
  • Because of internet world has became a global village.
  • Students can take any course in any college through E-learning.
  • The new innovations and resources can be shared because of easy communication.
  • We can easily book railway tickets and movie tickets in online.
  • Transfer of files made easy.
  • There is no limit to store information in internet.
  • Easy communication with relatives, who are staying far away.
  • We can find information about anything.
  • We can develop our skills through many free courses available in internet.
  • We can be in track of updates.
  • We can buy products easily in internet.
  • We can apply for jobs in online.
  • Everyone can express their own views.
  • Internet can be used for entertainment such as playing video games, watching movies etc.
In Against:-
  • Lack of security as hackers can easily theft data or can manipulate it.
  • Children and youth can be easily mis leaded by the wrong content in some wrong websites.
  • Through Internet, viruses spread easily and total data can be corrupted.
  • Some are wasting their precious time because of internet.
  • Everyone can express their own views. But if they provide wrong information about something, many people may mislead. For example, the lives of celebrities.
                 Internet is definitely a boon. We should utilize technology to compete with this fast world. Every coin has two sides. It's up to us to receive good and to leave bad.


  1. Internet is indeed a boon, because it is one of the biggest revolution in the world.

  2. i think internet should be banned, because it just make human brain very weak.

  3. internet should not be banned because there are so many ways by which we can
    limit the access of a particular user..

  4. i think internet should not be banned because there are so many ways by which we can limit the access of a user...

  5. ya internet suld not be banned

  6. Internet is very good because we are getting all types of knowledge which we have to need. If any person are misusing the Internet then It's the fault of that person not Internet.

  7. u shud never judge a book by its cover
    judge it by the amount of pages
    becuze the more pages thr r there r more word more words thr r it is most irritating to read
    unless theres picture if there is pictures i guess there ill be less words and a picture worth a 1000 words sooooooo .
    if u wont to stop judgin people and make the earth a better place plz stop reading and start usin internet internet should not be banned

  8. ya truely internet is boon

  9. if the technology used in betterment it is boon but if the destructive mind plays with it should be banned to certain extend

  10. every little thing has two sides of it positive and negative if we use it with
    in a good sense then defenitely it is boon but if played by negative energies then it should if banned upto certain extend

    1. ya truely its correct, internet is a boon or bane is depends on their usage, but mostly we can say it is a boon given by god.

  11. Yes i am totally agree with this statement that internet is a boon for us,now a days we can seen that if you want to know something about any field you can take help internet and definitely you will resolve your problem with in few minutes.I would say that if you want to going for searching just go on will help you as that manner nobody can provide such type of help.
    if you want to communicate with other person who are staying in worlds another corner u can chat with those instantly with in a second in ancient time there were no facility like that then there were only one medium to transfer their message to dispatch using post office and it take lot of time.But now a days it is very easy to send a message to receiver with in a second.
    there are lot of advantage of internet i can not explain all because it is unlimited.

  12. yea it is boon i.e,blessing of god.its totally depend upon the users ,how will he/she use the internet.if i take good things from internet ,then it will be must boon in our life

  13. From the start of a day till the midnight which is the main companion via mobile of ur pocket
    and bedtime partner through laptop searching for a hot topic in social networking site.
    or a celebrity gossip if its get banned then how do people live.
    Now at the present scenario of corporate and govt max dealing their works via internet in terms of email or
    searching something important for their company or institution.
    From the student online program to the business conferences are all conducted through internet.
    so how could it be considered as curse.

    But yes everything have their own positive and negative sides as well the society now have to evaluate which sides they want to opt...

  14. From the start of the daily routine of our life is always linked with internet.
    Either it comes to see the status in ur fav social networking sites or to read news paper from online
    or to attend important document in ur email a/c.
    but yes everything have its positive and negative sides as well
    the generation have to choose that which side they are with.
    there are online learning centers and banned censored sites in internet so the people have to decide is has came as a boom or a curse.

  15. it should be banned as it is more destructive than useful

  16. Yeah . . Surely i can say that is internet is a boon for us.
    The problem isn't on the internet, the fault is only by user who are using on the rude way.
    Internet is like an market there is a lot of great things are available. . . So why cant to we utillize it by the good manner. . . .

  17. internet is surely a boon to us of course every thing has 50 %good nd 50%bad in it it depends on hw u use it

  18. Internet is a boon but it becomes a bane when misused as it may cause some ill- effects on the youth. These ill effects can be avoided by making students internet mature. Please refer to the following link to know more about internet maturity.

  19. Internet is definitely a boon until its misused. To avoid the misuse of internet people should be internet mature. Please refer to the following link to know more about internet maturity.