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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Present Education System in India

Drawbacks :-
  • Present education system focuses more on scores rather than knowledge.
  • It's having 90% theoretical subjects. Even remaining 10% practical subjects are of limited experiments and of expected output.
  • There is no scope for students to do experiments on their own.
  • Some colleges are not conducting practicals. Instead, they are giving full marks and allotting that time to mug up theoretical subjects.
  • In the end, students are coming out of schools and colleges only having bookish knowledge in the mind as the method of learning doesn't connect to reality.
  • There is so much meaningless pressure on students because of the too much competitive spirit in between private institutions.
  • Children in school are not being guided well about careers. They hardly know about what the options available in career except doctors and engineers. Because of that they are taking courses of their parent's choice (mostly) after coming out of schools. They even don't know what career options available with that course.
  • Many schools are not concentrating on extra curricular activities. This may lead to the false assumption in children that only education is important in life.
  • Some teachers are giving marks based on the no. of papers rather than the content. Thereby students will try to fill papers instead of focusing on to write the actual answer. 
  • There are some cases that students are giving up their lives as they are unable to cope up with too much pressure laid on them by private schools and colleges.
Solutions :-
  • Teachers must say the purpose of education to the children of school level.
  • Teachers must encourage the children to understand the concept and to write it in their own words in exam.
  • Every theoretical subject must have practicals if possible.
  • Communication skills and reasoning must be a subject from school level.
  • There must be seminars and projects from schooling to make students understand the subjects rather than mugging up.
  • Personality development classes and extra curricular activities must be compulsory.
  • Jobs should be provided based on knowledge rather than percentages.
  • In practical examinations, marks should be given for the process rather than output.
  • The method of teaching and lessons in subjects must be modified. They must be in a way to understand real world.
  • Career guidance must be there in schooling.
Conclusions :-
                        Govt. must concentrate on modifying the education system to give wonderful life for students. There is a role of educational institutions too to improve the method of teaching. A good education system leads to a good society.


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  5. Yes. I agree there is an huge change need to our system,that is benificial for student. Tnx

  6. Yes! we need huge change in the system...both Govt and Educational Institution must be careful about the carrier of childrens

  7. Don't you think its not just the government and the educational institutions, but the parents should also be concerned about this???

    1. Yes. You are 100% right. The pathetic thing is that now a days, parents are more concerned about marks and grades.! Attitude towards this marks system needs to be changed.

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  9. Well said... children n d skol r nt even guided wel abt carrers.. so they hardly knw d options available in d carrer xcpt doctors nd engineers.. !!!


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